Rolling out a highly flexible 'activity based' workplace model showcasing the very best technology on offer 

Services provided: Existing Workplace Evaluation, Future Workplace Strategy, Pilot Study, Workplace Design Services

Futurespace worked with this Software Development Company to refurbish four floors (10,700 m2) at their existing headquarters in North Ryde and provide a new 1300m2 fitout in Brisbane. These projects are both highly innovative: they both embrace current best practice in workplace design and implement their Workplace Advantage (WPA) program.

WPA is a global Real Estate & Facilities program they use to identify the unique needs of their businesses through the provision of appropriately designed and equipped work environments that encourage collaboration and flexibility.

The workplace contains various work spaces and settings that allow individuals and teams to choose a setting that supports the activity they are doing: if people want an informal discussion they can use one of the many unbookable focus rooms; if an ad hoc presentation is required there are many small rooms equipped with screens; meeting rooms of all sizes house the latest technologies and there are central hubs on each floor.

Spaces range from open to closed, individual to collaborative, quiet to vibrant, bright to subdued. Everyone has the opportunity to move freely about the office as their day progresses. And there is just as much space dedicated to communication and meetings as there is to the workstations themselves.

Key drivers for the project included designing a space that reflects and supports their culture, provides flexibility and mobility and showcases their technology in a live working environment.

The design concept realises their intention to maximise productivity and satisfaction amongst employees, allow maximum access to daylight and the natural environment, and incorporate colour, texture, natural materials, and transparency into the design of the work environment. Each floor is identifiable by its own creative concept, with a reflection on ‘seasonal moods’ and drawing on the colour of the Australian landscape.