What is Futurevision?

If you knew what lay ahead, what decisions would you make today?

In today’s fast paced world, an organisation’s future is affected by a multitude of factors including innovation, disruption, leadership, risk and technology.

This can make any decision making process a difficult one – especially when it comes to making property decisions that are tied to lease agreements of 10, 15, 20 years or more.

In the past, clients were able to predict with confidence their future staffing numbers, often up to 5 or 10 years ahead.  In today’s world this has become increasingly difficult; we live in a time where a multitude of workplace models are on offer, many of these significantly reducing a business’s real estate footprint.

At Futurespace, we help our clients mitigate the risks in long term property decisions by providing them with workplace strategies that are insightful, responsive and designed to address the future needs of their organisation. 

We call this service FutureVision™.  


FutureVision™ is our ability to combine elements of the past, present and future to design a bespoke accommodation strategy that will see your business thrive.  It can be applied to an existing workplace or be used to design a new environment in a new location.

We use FutureVision™ to help our clients to see global trends before they are even talked about.

We use FutureVision™ to cut through the “noise" around workplace design and to enable our clients to make enlightened property decisions.

We use FutureVision™ to predict and solve problems before they impact organisational performance.

We use FutureVision™ to provide quantifiable certainty in a rapidly changing, unpredictable world.



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